What Makes Runners Happier

If you ask anybody who is a regular runner why they run. Almost all will likely answer that running improves their lifestyle and makes them happier. For me, these was very strange. At first I didn’t believe that running can actually make you happier. Now I know more and understand what were they referring to. Here are some legitimate reasons why running makes people happier.

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Reason number one is that physical exercise, such as running, is known to release endorphin in the brain. Endorphin is a hormone that acts as a natural “drug” it gives you more energy, makes you more awake and happier. Another important hormone that can kick in during a run is endorphin, they are generally referred to as a “runner’s high”. If you talk to runners you will see that almost every runner experiences an elevated mood after running. Most will also tell you that their moods tend to be gloomier when they don’t run, which is great because then you don’t experience days where you don’t want to exercise.
Reason number two is running gets you into better physical shape. People who are for a longer time out of shape sometimes forget how it was before they gained all the excess weight. How good it makes you feel if your i great shape. You are stronger and you are able to handle challenges that come your way. These great shape changes you not only physically, but also mentally, your mood changes. So remember, healthy people are also in a happier mood.
Reason number three is running allows you to set your personal goals. You are going to have the chance to work towards a goal, whether you actually achieve it or not it’s not so important, the most important fact here is that people are heappier when they work to achieve a certain goal. The act of setting a goal and actively working towards it is what trigger happiness in most of the people. Reaching the goal, of course, is wonderful, but it also depends on how realistic your goals where. However, for most people it is the journey towards the goal that triggers them and makes them happier.



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